Our surveying services in mechanical and plant engineering are characterized by the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. By deploying experienced surveyors and state-of-the-art technology for instance laser scanner, even complex plants can be measured and modeled completely as well as precisely. Besides capturing and modeling facilities, we provide our customers with individual and comprehensive support regarding the establishment and monitoring of machinery and plant.

BIM services:

  • Scan-to-BIM


  • Stake outs
  • Measurements and documentation
  • Control- and monitoring measurements

Our top reference for industry

Frankfurt am Main, Kornmarkt Arkaden

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Frankfurt am Main, Kornmarkt Arkaden, new construction, reconstruction and restructuring of a quarter building project


construction survey, control survey


Geograf, CARD/1


Tachymeter: Leica TS 15
Digital level: Leica DNA 03

Detailed service description

• Survey of the original terrain
• Survey during construction phase (axes, single-points)
• Disclosure of height spots for structural work
• Creation of metre cracks for reconstruction of the building
• Control- and monitoring measurements in the course of constructing


„Innovation im Bestand – Die Digitalisierung der Technischen Gebäudeausrüstung“


  • Analyse des Projektes „Sanierung Bühnen Köln“
  • Entwicklung von Workflows
  • Projektbetreuung und Qualitätssicherung
  • Auslotung von Chancen für den Vertrieb