Construction surveying traffic facilities

Federal motorway A5 Malsch – Offenburg – Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Object Federal motorway A5 Malsch – Offenburg – Public Private Partnership (PPP)
Extent construction survey, control measurements, as-built survey
Software Geograf, CARD/1, Caplan
Instruments Tachymeter : Leica 1203/ Leica MS 50
Digital level: Leica DNA 03
Detailed service description • Assumption of the control points provided by the client and its full compaction and equalization
• Survey of original terrain
• Regular review of the control points located in the general control network
• Assumption and preparation of data resulting from the stake out plans provided by the client
• Pegging of building, timbering and building pit
• Affixing of axes points and stake out points
• Creating height reference points (adhesive label or bolts)
• Installing of crack heights in all business premises
• Surveying for building planning of areas suspected to be contaminated
• Installation of various measuring bolts
• Deformation measurement on shoring girders
• Control measurement of settlement bolts on the buildings
• Preservation of evidence of supporting bolts
• Quantity takeoff