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Track surveying

From the inventory of track systems to the creation of track geometric projects.

Your advantages


Bundled areas

From the planning-, to the construction- up to the as-built surveying, we can support our partners and customers comprehensively and also implement projects with differentiated performance profiles.

Freshness with experience

We are taking off and bringing a breath of fresh air to track surveying! Where long-established companies have been relying on tried and tested methods for years, we as specialists want to set new standards in innovation with high-tech.

Fulfilling specific customer requirements

Also in the case of track surveying, as in our other areas, it is important for us to be able to respond to individual requests. Therefore, we can rely on our team consisting of surveyors, as well as BIM-specialists.

Well connected

In order to be able to implement especially more complex projects according to specifications, we have partners in our network with whom we cooperate. Thus, we have already implemented some of our projects with the support of Transemess GmbH Verkehrsanlagenplanung from Berlin.


One of our main tasks in railroad surveying is the as-built documentation of track systems, their topography, and the associated control and safety technology. In doing this, we work with modern methods such as mobile mapping, laser scanning, tachymetry and flights with drones. We prepare the resulting data according to the respective DB guidelines, as well as the current standards and norms. We prepare proofs for the geometric routing and draw up route plans. The data is provided in the specified geodata infrastructure AVANI (formerly: DB-Gis).

A further element of our track surveying services is the development of track geometry projects. This includes, among other things, the preparation of track geometry studies, routing according to track geometry, vehicle dynamics and track superstructure relevant criteria, as well as the preparation of calculation plans for reconstruction and new construction measures. In addition, we prepare gradient plans, cross sections and cant strips. Our tasks also include the preparation of switch sketches and switch grading plans.

We model track systems for BIM projects directly according to the regulations and guidelines of the respective railroad operators using the REVIT software.

We are experts in already established processes such as scan-to-BIM and as-built documentation. In addition, we also perform target-performance comparisons between model and as-built.

With our BIM managers, BIM coordinators and BIM modelers, we can support you from planning through construction to the end of the project.

We support you from the construction geometric consultation over the execution of all stakeouts, the transfer of the ideal layout of the line into the locality up to the preparation of stakeout books. Our tasks also include the control- and monitoring measurements for the construction work. With our own department for surveying-related construction accounting and mass determination according to REB, we help you with the verification of your services.

We also carry out the documentation of the constriction for as-built verification after the end of construction. In the process, structure gauges are measured on site and proof and verification of the profile according to EBO is carried out.

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„Innovation im Bestand – Die Digitalisierung der Technischen Gebäudeausrüstung“


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  • Entwicklung von Workflows
  • Projektbetreuung und Qualitätssicherung
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