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of the U23 World Champion Timon Grancagnolo

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Timon Grancagnolo
Young talent in luge

WORLD CUP 2022/ 2023

Our Timon actually did it - he became U23 World Champion in luge!
He also took an excellent 7th place in the overall standings.

We are very proud and look forward to supporting you in the future, dear Timon!

Here are some impressions of this legendary weekend. Of course we were there live.

Timon Grancagnolo Timon Grancagnolo Timon Grancagnolo Timon Grancagnolo
Timon Grancagnolo


Targeted sponsoring pays off. This can be rightly affirmed by Detlef Wuttke, director of Wuttke Ingenieure GmbH.

The 15year old Timon Crancagnolo from Chemnitz is considered as the most promising young talent after the last two winters. In almost all national competitions he took a place on the podium, in most of the classification rounds he topped the rankings and made it to Number 1. Also, in international contests, he is ranked very high. For the coming season 2018/2019 Timon is nominated for the national German Luge junior team. Therefore, he is among the best 30 luger in Germany.

To ensure that Timon can start for his home team, ESV Lok Chemnitz, in the future despite higher expenses for material and traveling to the competitions, he will be supported by Wuttke Ingenieure since the 2016/2017 season. Our commitment to Timon and the club had been very worthwile in the meantime.

The partnership will stand on a firm foundation in the future, good for Timon. Perhaps, Timon is intended to take part one day in the Olympic Winter Games for Germany.

Timon being asked about himself

I am Timon Grancagnolo and was born on April 4th, 2003 in Chemnitz. In 2009, I have joined the ESV Lokomotive Chemnitz and since that I have been actively participating in the luge. To fulfill my dream and reach my objective being part of the national team, I have been training since 2014 in the federal base for winter sport in Oberwiesenthal. There I attend the elite school for winter sport and live at a boarding school. Among my hobbies are next to luge, cycling and playing football. Also, I like to spend time with my friends.

Timon Grancagnolo
Timon Grancagnolo


Season 2018/2019

Individual results in the junior World Cup

12th place in St. Moritz (CH), January, 19th, 2019

8th place in Winterberg (D), February, 9th, 2019

6th place in Oberhof (D), February, 16th, 2019

Individual results German Championship age group “Jugend A” (19 and under)

1st place in Oberhof (D), February, 27th, 2019, German champion

Individual result German Youth Cup age group „Jugend A “ (19 and under) luge

1st place in Winterberg (D), February, 20th, 2019

Season 2017/2018

4 th place in the luge world Youth age group “Jugend A” (19 and under) (overall standings)

Individual results

6th place in Oberhof (DEU), December,

7th, 2017 5th place in Königsee (DEU), December,

16th, 2017 5thplace in Igls (AUT), January,

11th, 2018 5th place in Igls (AUT), January,

13th, 2018 5th place in Winterberg (DEU), January, 20th, 2018

April 2018:

Award honouring „Beste Internationale Leistung“ (Best international performance) at the ceremony paying tribute to young athletes in Chemnitz


Here you will find the schedules of the current season. Timon is starting as the youngest German participant in the junior World cup.

From January 2019, 14 to 19 – World Cup in St. Moritz (CH)

From February 2019, 4 to 9 – World Cup in Winterberg (DEU) 

From February 2019, 11 to 16 – World Cup in Oberhof (DEU)

From February 2019, 18 to 21 – Youth A Cup in Winterberg (DEU)

From February 2019, 25 to 28 – German Championship in Oberhof (DEU)


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