About us

About us

„Where others see challenges, we see opportunities.”

Who are we?

„We are a family-owned company.”

We are a family-owned company and have specialized in processing of data with a spatial reference. Our versatile team consists of surveying- and civil engineers as well as architects. You can find competent advise at our sites in Chemnitz, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden.

What are we doing?

„….extraction and processing of digital spatial data”

In addition to classical surveying for planning purposes, civil engineering, documentation and billing, Wuttke engineers, as technology pioneers, meet the customers' desire for digital spatial data.

Which vision is our driving force?

„innovative solutions for every challenge”

Our common goal is to be the technological pioneer in our field. This is a major challenge, which we overcome in the face of constantly developing technologies at all times. We feel it is important to set new standards with our employees as a team within the industry and to find innovative solutions for every challenge using the latest technologies. We view challenges as an opportunity, on which we can grow together.

What makes us special?

„an unbeatable team, in which one is gladly to work”

We set high standards for ourselves, this is why we are proud of our specialized departments, that enable us to work effectively. Together with modern digital methods, wide range of skills and our long-standing experience, we are forming an unbeatable team, in which one is gladly to work.

We act in a future-oriented manner and therefore rely on the comprehensive training of our employees to guarantee a high quality standard. Of course, the satisfaction of our colleagues is very important to us. In order to be able to offer everyone on our team good working conditions and meet their individual needs, we are, for example, flexible in working hours, provide dynamic office furniture or even an active lunch break. A satisfied team is the basis for innovative work.

  • Familial

    As a family company, we attach great value to flat hierarchical structures and a familiar relationship developed with our employees. In this way, we can create a unique togetherness, by which each individual feels bound up.

  • Competent

    Only in this way, we can best bundle our competencies and take solution-oriented action.

  • Safe

    We are open to new inspirations and remain true to new developments concerning innovative technologies and by selecting employees.

Our employees about us

I like challenges, it's the only way to learn.

Who am I? I am 51 years old and have a degree in civil engineering and I am specialized in specialty engineering. I have two older sons and until recently my husband also worked as a civil engineer. Since October 2007 I am employed at Wuttke in Chemnitz.

What am I doing? Initially, I was employed only as a technical draftsman, but in the meantime I supervise and coordinate the internal and field service in the Digital Room Data department.

Why am I enjoying my work? When I entered my job, I have everything still drawn in 2D. Because of the young Mr. Wuttke, I was able to switch to three-dimensional drawing quickly, which sometimes was not so easy for me. With the help of my rehearsed and young team that worked out great. Through our constant exchange of experiences from different areas, I really enjoy the work.

What do I appreciate about the Wuttke engineers? Despite my many years of experience, I can still learn something new here, especially from our younger employees. In addition, constant free training courses are offered to keep up with the latest technical knowledge. I find such offers really great to be able to have a say. Because of lectures at Christmas parties, etc., we will be made aware of the many different topics.

Why am I working here? I like to be responsible for interesting and above all varied projects. Of course, our experienced and competent team is very advantageous. It is simply a great understanding as an employee and I can constantly learn new things.

Here I monitor projects from beginning to end

Who am I? My name is John, I am 21 years old and have finished my education at Wuttke Ingenieure. I am currently responsible for interior measurement and engineering surveying at our site in Chemnitz.

What am I doing? I serve in various projects e.g. I recently took part in a project in Berlin. There I scanned the whole building for the gutting of an object and created a 3D model. In my work as a rule, I am often on the move outdoors.

Why do I love my job? I really appreciate the variety of both: field service and back office. All of this makes it possible for me to accompany actively the whole process and projects from beginning to end.

Why do I appreciate Wuttke Ingenieure? What I enjoy most is the variety, besides I appreciate the flat hierarchy and the close as well as casual relation amongst the employees. This is why, you will always have a contact person. It will be ensured e.g. that flats are rented for employees, who take part in projects further away. Therefore we don’t need to constantly commute and this is easier for us.

Why do I work here? For the first time I paid attention to Wuttke Ingenieure, as they introduced theirselves to our school. I really liked them from the very beginning and I decided to take a holiday job as well as an internship, which I found very convincing.

For me its important to achieve something together
Oliver Wuttke, Managing director