Administration and public authorities

As a publicly appointed surveyor, Detlef Wuttke carries out cadastral surveys as well as markings in the Free state of Saxony. This includes cadastral surveys for: the establishment of new plots of land (partition surveys), relocation of boundary, building assessment and initial measurement of usage of parcels.

Order cadastral maps online – you can request cadastral maps for the Land of Saxony directly from Detlef Wuttke as a publicly appointed surveyor. Thus, you will obtain the required information concerning your real estate map and will get to know more about the title registration of owners entered in the land registry.

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Spreepark Berlin-Treptow

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Spreepark Berlin-Treptow


topographical and morphological field survey, creation of the general control network


Geograf, Caplan


Tachymeter: Leica 1203 | Leica TS 15, Leica MS50
Digital level: Leica DNA 03

Detailed service description

• Field survey in location and height
• Capture of all installations, buildings, earth filling, trees, usage boundaries etc. according to the guidelines of the information system of the green areas
• Creation of control points
• Incorpration of a tree cadastres
• Incorporation of a real estate cadaster
• Launching of an as-built plan
• Earthwork calculation


„Innovation im Bestand – Die Digitalisierung der Technischen Gebäudeausrüstung“


  • Analyse des Projektes „Sanierung Bühnen Köln“
  • Entwicklung von Workflows
  • Projektbetreuung und Qualitätssicherung
  • Auslotung von Chancen für den Vertrieb