We offer our customers knowledge on the infrastructure surveying such as surveying during planning phase (draft survey) as the basis for the planning of new infrastructure projects. In addition, you benefit from the survey of supply pipelines for instance waste water drains, drinking water-, gas- and district heating pipeline and even modern glass fibre networks.

With the idea of a construction project for instance for traffic facilities, there is need for a planning presentation of an object. The ground of each infrastructure project are current site plans and topographic maps of the planning area. We can also deliver any desired plan or map in the course of infrastructure surveying.

BIM services:

  • BIM-to-field
  • Scan-to-BIM


  • Inventory- and as- built documentation
  • Surveying during planning phase (draft survey)

Our top reference for infrastructure

Chemnitz model, Connection Point DB-VMS Chemnitz Main Stations, Entrance to the Chemnitz main station

All References


Chemnitz model, Connection Point DB-VMS Chemnitz Main Stations, Entrance to the Chemnitz main station, Reconstruction of the station concourse building, Bahnhofstraße/ Maurerstraße, transport infrastructure


construction survey, track measurement, control measurement, as-built surveying


Geograf, CARD/1, Caplan


Tachymeter: Leica 1203/ Leica TS 15
Digital level: Leica DNA 03, Trimble DINI 10

Detailed service description

• Primal survey of track and road construction in several sections
• Survey in the construction phase (boards, tracks, retaining walls, drainage systems, lightning)
• Control- and monitoring measurements in the course of constructing
• Final survey and production of measuring as-built plans


„Innovation im Bestand – Die Digitalisierung der Technischen Gebäudeausrüstung“


  • Analyse des Projektes „Sanierung Bühnen Köln“
  • Entwicklung von Workflows
  • Projektbetreuung und Qualitätssicherung
  • Auslotung von Chancen für den Vertrieb